Why You Need to check your invoices


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Welcome to the Freight Cost Solutions “Industry Standard Rates Test” for interstate freight. This simple test can determine how your freight rates really compare to the market. It only takes a couple of minutes and it’s 100% FREE! 

Read each question and click on the appropriate response. Answer quickly as your first response is usually correct. The score results can be found below the questions.

Answer Yes or No to each question.

  • Do you use less than 3 carriers?
  • Has your business growth increased on last year?
  • Do you successfully negotiate down annual rate increases?
  • Do you measure freight as a percentage of sales?
  • Do you know your product range ‘Cube to Deadweight Ratio’?
  • Do you know the cubic factor applied to your rates?
  • Do you understand carrier zone to Postcode files?
  • Do you validate every invoiced consignment charge?
  • Do you tender your freight requirements within a 3 year period?
  • Do you know that freight volume determines rate discount levels?

If you selected ‘Yes’ for at least 8 of these questions then you are well and truly in control of your carrier freight costs.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to 6 or 7 of these questions, it indicates that you have some applicable knowledge.

However, if you had 5 or less ‘Yes’ answers, this would strongly indicate that the carriers are dictating freight costs to you.  You really should seek assistance to manage your freight costs.

Please note that in the interstate freight market, transport companies are constantly trying to maximise their margins at your expense. They utilise math, smoke and mirrors and confusion to hide the true cost of their services. You need to constantly be on alert as you could be paying a large percentage more than you need to.

Whether you spend hundreds of thousands or millions on freight per annum, you need to seek advice from industry specialists about freight rate discount levels and what your company can achieve from a savings perspective. Remember, only deal with the major carriers. They are the ones with the infrastructure to support your business.

This article is written by Darren Ash:
Darren Ash is the owner and managing director of Freight Cost Solutions™.
Darren has a thorough understanding of the industry and he strongly believes in adding honesty, integrity, and transparency into the freight industry. With vast experience and expertise in freight and service capabilities, Darren and is regarded as a leading figure in Interstate and International logistics.
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