Why You Need to check your invoices


delivery gone astray

How often have you heard the expression” not again” regarding freight deliveries that have gone astray? More often than not, it could be a part consignment or just one item that has not made the journey and it could very easily jeopardise the longevity of a contract.


While most transport companies are pretty good at getting your delivery to the right place, sometimes deliveries can get split up or end up at the wrong destination. When this happens, it can lead to a great deal of frustration and to add insult to injury, your freight provider may even try to charge you more as a result than find the root cause of the problem in the first place.



Why do deliveries get off track?


Poor labelling can be one reason why deliveries go astray, but in the vast majority of cases we see, it’s down to the transport company’s processes, or lack there of. Processes are important in any business but when you’re dealing with a vast amount of freight going in and out at any one time, as well as the logistics of getting everything on the right truck within the right timeframe, processes are absolutely crucial.


Processes can help ensure that everything goes where it’s meant to go at the right time and most importantly, that its whereabouts is tracked. Knowing where your freight is at any given time is an important function of any good process and it means that if it does end up in the wrong place, at least you can find it. A good system will be able to get your delivery back on track in the shortest possible time frame.


How can misdirections be reduced?

One contributing reason could be poor warehouse practices, such as poor labelling of products and con note details not be addressed properly. If the warehouse follows good work instructions and the labels and con note details are strictly followed, then the transport company must be held responsible for any misdirection.


One of the hallmarks of a good freight provider is that they have strong, solid systems. If there is a mistake, a good system will let the freight company staff see where the error occurred so they can prevent it happening again. If your deliveries are continuously split and you can’t get a straight answer as to why, chances are your freight company doesn’t have a good method in place to manage compatible versus incompatible freight.


Processes are essential to all aspects of freight service delivery, and good processes usually mean a more efficient service and fewer issues overall. If your freight provider can’t tell you clearly what their processes are and how they work, and can’t provide you with a clear explanation of where your freight is and how it got lost, it may be time to look elsewhere.


We see too many customers putting up with poor service from their freight provider. Misdirected and split deliveries can cost your business money and disrupt your processes, not to mention the hassle and extra cost of having to locate the missing consignment and get it back on track.


A freight audit can help you see exactly how service issues are impacting your bottom line and ensure you’re getting the highest possible level of service from your provider. Speak to us to find out how it works and how a freight audit can help your business over the long term.