Six reasons to consolidate freight providers

How to reduce international freight costs

Freight is big business and with the multitude of options in the marketplace, it is easy for companies to fall into the trap of using too many freight providers. If you are looking to create impressive cost savings when it comes to freight, consider the following important tips for consolidating carriers to maximise business profits. […]

Five questions CEOs should be asking about freight

Reduce distribution centre costs

Expenditure is a hot topic in the C-suite and most businesses would have a strategy to cut costs with small savings over time. However, the top three costs for a business usually fall into these categories; employees, product/assets and freight. Keeping employees remunerated is generally the biggest cost for a business and is also usually […]

Volume discounts | Smart ways to get amazing deals on freight

Affordable freight solutions

Are you noticing the cost of shipping products rising every year? If your business is growing and delivers its products in bulk via multiple freight services, the charges you pay on freight would be increasing for various reasons. Read on to discover how you can get amazing deals through volume discounts. Are you getting what […]

Why a franchise model could be an answer to the owner-driver pay dispute

Reduce the costs of shipping and logistics

The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal may have been put together with the best of intentions, however it has failed those it sought to protect. The correlation between safety and owner-operator driver’s pay rates was determined by the National Transport Commission after a 2008 investigation into the underlying causes of unsafe practices in the road transport […]

From farm gate to plate: The 3 main infrastructure reforms that will support the Aussie agricultural industry

Reduce truck freight rates

Regional Australians are paying a premium for products produced on their doorstep. It’s an absurdity but unfortunately the truth. Why? Because farmers have to pay a premium for the distribution of their products due to outdated, insufficient transport infrastructure. Increasing consolidation beyond the farm gate and unfair trading practices throughout the agricultural supply chain is […]

Response: Inland rail could transform freight transport in under a decade

How to reduce rail freight costs

This article is a response to the opinion piece in The Australian by Darren Chester, ‘Inland rail could transform freight transport in under a decade.’ Darren Chester has accurately articulated the dire consequences for our nation if government neglects the necessity to proceed with a direct rail link between Melbourne and Brisbane. However, we also need […]