Industry Standard Rates Explained

Do not tell the Carriers your current freight expenditure. What you need to share is the volume of freight you distribute, and the individual consignment detail.

The freight audit process and benefits of outsourcing invoice verification

Freight Cost Auditors truck and packages

Freight rate auditing is a complex and constantly changing process. While many businesses are still doing their own freight auditing, they are fast discovering that outsourcing the process is a more effective and affordable solution in the whole scheme of business strategy. Read on to learn more about some typical freight audit processes and how […]

Big Transport Company vs. Small One: What’s Better?

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The debate around whether bigger is better when it comes to freight companies has been raging for decades. While the industry is generally dominated by a number of big brand companies, many freight customers worry about being lost in the crowd of thousands of customers and are attracted to the more personalised service that smaller […]

9 ways to avoid being overcharged by a freight company

Affordable freight companies

Is business leaving you little time to make those important money-saving checks? If you aren’t educated in the standard business undertakings of a freight company, you could risk paying up to 60 per cent more than you have to. If you’d like to maximise business profits in terms of savings, read on to discover some […]

Hot tips for determining freight charges correctly

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The number of businesses on the market has grown considerably over the years. In our modern era, people are undertaking their business endeavours everywhere. Business is conducted from couches, cafes, towns, cities and countries across the globe. As a result of the growth, even more sales opportunities are opening up for businesses and in that […]