If you regularly use a freight provider for your business deliveries, you can never underestimate the importance of reliability. Constant late deliveries can impact your business processes and damage your reputation with your customers.

You pay a lot for your freight, and your freight company will have provided you with estimated timeframes for delivery but unfortunately, we see many customers who feel like they are constantly being let down by late deliveries as well as numerous other service issues.

When determining your delivery timeframes it’s always best to be conservative with your freight company’s estimates. Where possible, build in a bit of extra time so if things are running behind schedule, the impact on your business will be minimised.

Unfortunately, if you expect 100% of your deliveries to be on time you are likely to be disappointed. Industry service standards, according to our observations, seem to be at around 85%-95%. Knowing what factors contribute to late deliveries such as product type, can help you ensure you choose a service provider who will fall closer to the 95% mark than the 85%.

Why are delivery times so unreliable?

Anybody who regularly commutes for work or who drives anywhere will know that delays are an inevitable part of travelling by road. Traffic accidents, delays, bad weather and construction are all out of a driver’s control and can impact delivery times. Look at Melbourne’s congestion on the Westgate bridge or on Monash Freeway! Other issues that contribute to late deliveries include driver illness, poor processes and unreliable subcontractors.

One common misconception about the freight industry is that that a transport company’s trucks and drivers are responsible for the entire delivery process, from beginning to end. This is unlikely, especially for consignments that are travelling between major cities. The reality is that the freight companies look after the infrastructure and facilities within the major cities and they outsource the majority of their long distance haulage to subcontractors.

More often than not, consistently unreliable delivery timelines are due to unreliable subcontractors or sub-contractor availability, not the freight companies themselves. When you’re negotiating with a new freight provider it’s always worth doing some research to find out which line haul company they use. More often than not, the reliability of their line haul company will have a direct impact on your delivery times.

If you’re not happy with the standard of service you’re getting from your freight provider, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and look at other options. At Freight Cost Solutions™ we can help you find a freight provider that meets your service expectations and reduce your freight costs over the long term.