We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to deliver peace of mind.

As a leading freight management company, we only work with the major transport companies to ensure they have the infrastructure you need to deliver your freight. Our tender process delivers reduced rates, improved service levels, better terms and conditions and operational outcomes specific to your business.

Our superior technology provides a clear, precise and unambiguous analysis of each transport company’s zone-to-postcard information, cubic conversion factor, rate card and fuel levies. Our Transport Management System is designed to provide you with proof of delivery, invoice reconciliation, advanced shipping notice via email, Difot (Delivered In-Full, On-Time) reports and real time freight tracking.

Our client-focused strategy means that we work with you to ensure we fully understand your unique freight requirements. We offer a 24/7-helpdesk service with a friendly and efficient team on call and we guarantee you a response time of two hours for progress updates on your enquiries.


At Freight Cost Solutions we agree to provide credits when delivery performance does not meet a specified 95% on time, intact and secure threshold.

We provide the following guarantees:
*Terms and Conditions Apply.

Late Deliveries

We will reimburse you the value of each connote when it has been identified and proven that a late delivery has occurred.

Damaged Product/s

We will reimburse the ‘client purchase cost’ of the product if a product has been damaged during distribution by the transport company. To identify damage Freight Cost states re-imbursement is subject to photo evidence, connote number, proof of delivery and product model and code confirmation with the original purchase invoice from the client’s We supply up to $20,000 per annum in damage claims. Any additional damage claims beyond this figure are the responsibility of the client.

Missing Product/s

Where it has been identified that a product has been missing for longer than 3 months from the date of distribution by the transport company and when no ‘proof of delivery’ documentation is available; Freight Cost Solutions™ will reimburse the ‘client cost’ of the product to the client. Re-imbursement is subject to photo evidence and product confirmation with the original client invoice from their supplier.

Annual Audit

We have the software and expertise to audit every individual connote by zone and postcode for cube, charge-weight, price and variables. Our audits are precise and can be provided on a monthly and annual basis.


When moving freight from a single distribution centre to multiple dispatch points, the cost can significantly change. We are able to provide you with a forecast price to match your new freight distribution.

Tender Document Process

Our well-crafted Tender Document Process covers metropolitan, intrastate and interstate freight. The tender document will cover your company’s overview, terms and conditions, key requirements and evaluation criteria.

International Tender Assist

We can supply you with the software tools and documentation to finalise international tenders in a professional and efficient manner. Our International Tender Assist is a streamlined process and our experts are here to help.

Freight Costs Program

Our Freight Costs Program will identify correct freight costs regardless of location. We can work with you to deliver a solution that outlines the cost of sending freight from each and every postcode nationally.

Rate Comparison Report

Freight Cost Solutions™ can compare multiple transport companies simultaneously for price competitiveness based on all the variables of your freight data profile.