The differences between a broker and an auditor are substantial, to say the least.

What is a Broker?
Brokers will take over your whole freight demands, acting as the middleman between you and the transport company. By doing so, manage all communications, the rates and cubic conversions plus their own margins – which can be anywhere from 10% to 40%, which means you never really know what you are paying for.

What is a Freight Auditor?
Freight Auditors approach the situation from a different point of view: the customer’s. Auditors ensure that your service KPI’s are met and work hard to save you the customer money and do not add margins to your bills.


Where does Freight Cost Solutions™ fit in?
We are not brokers and unlike brokers, our business model is aligned with yours – the customer. We want to get you the best service and of course rates available in the market and because we get paid a percentage of what we save you each month, you only pay us when we save you save money.

We are also very accountable and transparent. We have a strict open books policy, and even let our customers check our calculations. We add honesty and integrity to the process of managing freight.